celtic knot dice set… just the beginning.

Tucker loves knots. And he really loves Celtic knots. He has been waiting for this Kickstarter reward for some time now! These are really fascinating and the kids were better at figuring them out than I was (again, I think i will be building some new synapses with this homeschooling business).


There are booklets and specific gameplay for this set, but today, we just explored it. I have enjoyed knitting Celtic knot patterns in the past, and both kids are beginning knitters (Claudia has had a lot more practice than Béla, but it may be something we pursue more energetically).


Caught B. here singing along to the Billy Idol Christmas album, which is awful, but we always play it anyway. This set had their full attention for a long time… I see good things ahead, a lot of opportunities.


He had to co-opt everyone else’s pieces to do it, but he finally made a “B”, after making all the easier initials in the family. Not bad, kid. I think we will move on to actual gameplay next time. I am grateful today for math manipulatives. It’s not all just on paper!

Having looked at Escher in relation to putting together our holiday lights, here is a way to relate knotwork to Escher as well.


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