geometrymas three: post-it snowflakes

Béla could not wait to get working on these Post-It note snowflakes. In fact, he was a little frantic, because he really wanted to get one done before Claudia got home from dance the first time we tried them, and it went kind of wonky. So we gave it another shot together today.


Yes, Claudia is wearing a wig. Note Béla’s Phoenixville Firebird Festival t-shirt; you’ll be hearing more about that soon too!


There are only two shapes to fold for this project, and getting RIGHT to about this step is deceptively easy. After this point, even I started to have to get some neurons firing… I actually think homeschooling is going to be VERY good for MY brain too.


COULD NOT be cooler! I think we will take some Post-Its to the School of Rock Holiday Party/The Doors and The Who shows Friday, as well as some no-glue garland makings, and festivize!


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