geometrymas… four? maori koru pendants

This project just sort of snuck up on us, as I saw it lying on the table in what I assume is the most recent Highlights. Seemed like a very easy, gender-neutral gift idea for some folks; in this case, we chose to make them for the kids’ teachers at Philadelphia School of Rock.

Rolling out some Plasticene may not seem like “geometry” or even much of a challenge, but in fact, it was. To make a nicely-shaped pendant, your “snake” had to be nine inches long, and to do that and have a good, regular taper down the whole thing — was not all that easy!


Learning a little about the Maori gave us the opportunity to watch a few good haka videos — one for war and one for marriage.

And since our SoR teachers were on our mind, I played with the worksheet-making website I’d found and created a simple crossword puzzle.


The kids made enough pendants to give, and enough to keep.


And Claudia even wore hers for both of her Doors show performances this weekend!