parade of spirits, liberty lands, 2016

This event is such an important part of our lives, and the older the kids get, the more they are able to contribute to it. Béla in particular was very active in designing his costume this year. it was a Bender-from-“Futurama”, GWAR, samurai kinda Krampus thing. (Photo by Neil Kohl.)


Béla was also instrumental in designing one of our handmade hand-out gifts this year — a thaumatrope that showed kids being “put” into Krampus’ basket.

Claudia’s costume was also lovely. It was also a wonderful thing to have the kids’ friend, Willa, take on the role of Es Meedli this year! (Photo by Neil Kohl.)


But oh, this made us proud: the kids are pretty stage-friendly to begin with, but to see Béla in his first fire performance… with real fire… was astounding. Thank you, Lux Arati, for teaching our kids so much about fire safety and fire beauty!

Believe me, it’s a special relationship that exists between a child and the person who teaches them to dance with fire. (Photo by Steven Schultz.)


And to wrap up our season, here’s a time-lapse video created by Linda — of the whole event, from the viewpoint of one frozen berry. You don’t get to see the fire show — it’s down over the hill — but it’s fun to watch us come back from Procession in the dark, and I can “see” myself removing Es Meedli from Willa to free her. It’s also hilarious to watch Natalie shamble around as Das Mädchen. She, and everyone else, did such a great job.

We love to read and watch videos about all the cultures all over the world who “defy” winter with processional arts, regardless of the weather that day. It is a wonderful way to watch your community come together.