different things for different kids at different times

That has been our mantra for years… it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it does.

Tonight was Claudia’s first Girl Scout troop meeting was tonight. She had a great time! (A mom there sent me this photo:)


We don’t know if this scout group will go co-ed, like many do these days. But tonight, anyway, Béla needed another activity: which was two rounds of an original card game called Haggis, which our friend Jhon gave to Tucker at Parade of Spirits — and Tuck and Béla also (thank heavens for Tucker’s Kickstarter rewards, they are so far the backbone of our homeschooling Fun Stuff) got to draw with/on isometric gaming/drawing paper!


Also, earlier today we had seen a schematic for how to make a Lego dreidel, but we did not look at it very carefully, as I figured we were saving it for Hanukkah. Later, Béla went upstairs and made one of his own design.

Today also involved a visit to a coin dealer to sell an old coin collection (the kids seem to have kept some old Icelandic coins). AND — using walkie-talkies, and with Tucker shadowing them from a distance (because of the two street crossings), the two of them went together to the coffee shop down the block, bought iced coffees for us, paid, tipped, put cream in, and brought them home! Adventures.

(The work made it onto the wall at Indy Hall, with attribution! She’s a real Scout, it seems!)