pip’s island and MoMath

We would not even have heard of the children’s interactive theater production “Pip’s Island”, if our pal Michelle — who this year was Claudia’s onstage partner in the fire performance at Parade of Spirits — had not clued us into it. Not only is Michelle a member of Lux Arati, “our” fire dancing family, she works for Monkeyboy Productions, which had made some of the puppets for Pip’s Island.

We read about it and it sounded great, and fifty dollars a ticket didn’t sound like that much (less than Hedwig!), so we thought we’d check it out.

Even on the way to New York, the kids were up to neat things. They’d had a Hanukkah gift of “mirrored animators” — not quite zoetropes — but it was a no scissors/glue/tape kit, and they got them made in the car. After using all the prepared strips, Claudia made one of her own, of a ballerina spinning so fast that her hair bun fell loose.


We arrived at the Pip’s Island locale and waited to be called to adventure.

Our timed tickets were slightly delayed by a surprise visit from the Fire Marshall, but we can’t complain about that. We also can’t complain that no photos are allowed to be taken during the actual experience. I can say that you moved through a variety of rooms and I was in tears by the second one, just because it was so beautiful. The kids did get a picture with the cast at the end:


After Pip’s Island, we had lunch at a grilled cheese restaurant (!) and then went to the Museum of Mathematics — where I rounded out, if not completed, the miniature geometric puzzles we’d given on the first night of Hanukkah (so now we have #s 1-8, although still have only completed #1 and #7).

At MoMath there was a LOT to photograph, including the children becoming dancing fractals…


and riding a square-wheeled bike (which Tuck had done before, and which we had seen a photo of Jeremy Irons doing). A docent explained to us why it works.

To round out our day we stopped at Myers of Keswick, a British bakery where we bought some meat pies and Golden Shred marmalade and a few other things to satisfy Tucker’s Scottish heart.

A HUGE day!