a winter weather advisory and a soft water alarm

Our first real snow of the season happened this weekend, the day the Christmas tree got hauled off to the chipper, and our first Saturday back at our regular School of Rock/Epic Adventurez (LARP) gauntlet. We were ready to get out of the house though, and the snow was not going to stop anything.


We didn’t have sleds. Tuck made two while the kids were in music lessons.


A little creative reuse with our Parade of Spirits costumes helped keep the kids warmer.




Still. Pretty darned cold. We went home and the kids had hot chocolate stirred with pickle-flavored candy canes. (Really.)

There was movie-watching and a jigsaw puzzle, and Ben shaved his head (!) But I would have to say the big accomplishment was Claude’s first independent Snap Circuits project — a “soft water alarm”.

Meanwhile, I had been waiting to make the kind of birdseed and suet ornaments my mom used to make, and this seemed like the right weather for it. It was a fun sensory experience, and we got out this morning to hang them.