the brotherest day (it was pretty good for claudia, too)

Having seen Béla hang out happily at home playing a game or two, or coloring at Indy Hall, while Claudia attended her Girl Scouts meeting — frankly, Claudia is frequently, and literally, “center stage” at times Béla is not — Tuck offered to take B. to the Franklin Institute to see the Robot Revolution exhibit. Béla was excited enough about that, but then Tuck mentioned that they may as well stop into the lab at Drexel that morning, so he could show Béla the atomic force microscope.


It was sweet, seeing Béla’s entire event horizon shrink to WEDNESDAY. Tucker somehow managed to order some child-sized, disposable labcoats, before the day arrived.


A GOOD TIME WAS HAD. They spent FOUR HOURS at the Franklin, which nobody else in this family could have handled. Meanwhile, Ben, Claudia and I did our regular Wednesday shift at Cradles to Crayons, which was a particularly fun shift, because we got to “shop” for kids: took sheets of requests, and literally took a big IKEA bag and filled them with: toy bundles, book bundles, appropriate clothing and outerwear, and tried to meet all specifications and requests. Cradles to Crayons is always a fun time but that shift was particularly special.

We left a little early and I took Claudia to see “Hidden Figures”, which was a pretty big experience as well. Just not a very photogenic one.


When the movie was over, we saw that the boys were still yukking it up at the FI:


Claudia felt that in any pictures that showed up on my phone after we had gotten home from the movies, Tucker “looked tired”, and needed to come home soon.

Still, Béla was dancing in a human heart, so…

It was a really special day.