knitting is good

Claudia has been doing hand-over-hand knitting with me since she was tiny, and while she has only completed one project (a blanket for her special stuffed friend Hoogah), and has been working the same stockinette round for over two years now — she’s not a bad knitter. She can pick it up on her own and get it going, and knows when something has gone wrong. Béla is now working on a fat, garter-stitch “blanket”, probably for an Avenger, and he’s good too. This photo is from maybe two years ago, when Claude was teaching Béla. It’s one of my favorites ever.


We found an Etsy store recently that I believe is just called “Drawings of Knitting”, and there are inexpensive PDFs available for download — wonderful coloring pages, all made up of knit stitches! It’s marvelous. The kids both did one of “knitting” under a microscope slide — showing both stockinette and garter.

It immediately made the kids want to get out their knitting.


Having the knitting on-hand is a great way for them to stop and figure out something they can do for themselves — without asking me for the next activity. It is social — we have had friends come to knit, and the kids have met other kid-knitters — and the math and design applications are endless.


We even wrapped one of Tucker’s birthday gifts in the microscope-knitting drawing. It suits him perfectly!


I don’t really know what they do at Waldorf Schools where knitting is concerned, but it’s good for us here.