lunar new year at the buddhist temple

We had meant to stop at our neighborhood Asian-American Buddhist association last weekend but did not make it. That turned out to be a good thing, because when we went there today, we were just in time for lunch… and Lunar New Year celebrations.

Well we were actually a tad early. We went and got a piece of fruit to give to the statue of Quanyin, who is a female reincarnation of the Buddha. Many families were leaving offerings and having their photos taken here.


In the supermarket we went to, a jolly man teased the children with live crayfish and said he was going to make Claudia “earrings”.


And the kids identified the brand of ramen eaten in their fave K-Drama, “… To Be Continued”!


People were really kind to us and very welcoming. I cannot say we learned a lot about the Buddhist faith, but we certainly learned that at this temple, they welcome everyone and share their food with everyone.


We will look some things up in the book about world religions that we have, and I think we would be happy to visit again.