snow day



First homeschooling Snow Day. And it was lovely.

The kids got out early because we had more homemade birdseed doughnuts in the freezer, and the kids hung them around the park. Béla perished during this excursion.


It was cold. We have begun a longterm scientific study about moss growth and how it can be controlled, and our neighbor had a fresh specimen for us that he’d had to bring in to thaw out. We were grateful to get it. All our dormant ones are only looking so-so.


Claude, finishing up a reading comprehension assignment about Ruby Bridges, drew possibly the most interesting (and tiny) representation of “adversity” I’ve ever seen.


But the kids spent HOURS working with wooden planks and balls to create dynamic “contraption” points, and video recording them with their own iPads. There are a LOT of these videos… I will not share them all.

Successes were shared, both in text message and uploaded to


Then we needed a break and went out into the bitter cold where only two other kids were in the playground. B. and C. knew them from jiujitsu and so they all swung together, and Tuck and I went and got them hot chocolates from the Tasty.


Tucker made an amazing citrus and garlic pork belly for dinner. Currently Béla is looking for the molecule that best expresses his personality, to make a headdress for the Philly Science March.

A very nice day.