after the first cookie-sale table…

Wow. I never thought of myself as a mom who would have a Girl Scout daughter, but I must say the fact that I met Claudia’s troop leader at an of Montréal concert says a lot. I love our troop leaders — they are not, as a friend who stopped by tonight’s cookie sale at North Bowl pointed out, a bunch of “tired moms”. That they are not. They are the singingest, dancingest, feistiest troop leaders I could ever picture.


It was exciting to prepare Claudia’s vest for her first real Scout event out in the world. She took her duties very seriously…


And had made a great poster beforehand to hang at the table.


We had hoped to get a bowling lane but the wait was two hours. I felt kinda bad that Béla just had to amuse himself with the arcade games. He really makes a point not to horn in on any of Claude’s scout time, although it remains to be seen if he wants to join a troop on his own.


But he just kinda stole the night with this dance routine. While playing pinball AND eating a fried pickle.

I’m thrilled that Claude is experiencing the tradition and ritual of her first cookie sale, but am also excited to see what skills she learns and what service she can give to the community with the Scouts. And I’m interested to see if Béla wants us to follow up on a group for him.


Girl Scout Circle!