valentine’s ROCKS!

As we have mentioned, Tucker got a rock tumbler for Christmas, and has been helping the kids identify the stones as they first went into the tumbler, and then make observations throughout the various (and long) processes involved in tumbling. These stones have been going for about a month now — but NOW THEY ARE READY! On Valentine’s day!

Claudia’s stone!


Béla’s stone!


Some earlier notes and observations: here is what Claudia’s (claimed before it went in the tumbler at all) sunset jasper looked like on January 12th. That’s a little over a month ago!


And here is Béla’s favorite, on that same day:


And here’s a video from January 29, which doesn’t have much to offer visually, but really shows how much the kids had learned — and remembered — about using the Mohs scale. This was going into the “pre-polish”stage of tumbling.


In keeping with our Valentine’s ROCKS theme (we really didn’t think this out as hard as it seems we might have), we made Borax-crystal Valentine ornaments — a craft inspired by the kids online pal Jack. He had done it this weekend so we gave it a try!


They were really beautiful.



And the ROCK continued with classroom-style David Bowie Valentines. Those lucky enough to be in the first wave of Claudia’s Girl Scout cookie orders got a Bowie Valentine as a “receipt”.


The kids were Valentine’s ninjas sweeping through the neighborhood to leave crystal ornaments and Bowie valentine’s at friends’ doors.


It was a good long walk, too. We stopped at Isgro’s for treats afterwards.


Very different from the school-Valentine rush of having to write out close to sixty obligatory cards, and have them come home dazed with sugar from lollipops with mashed up bags of obligatory cards. They put a lot of thought into everything, and Claudia’s borax ornaments for her Scout troop were heart-shaped, with a Scout sash across each heart.

And it was so nice to be able to give out DAVID BOWIE Valentines rather than standing there in Target looking for the least offensive thing left in the bin (no Minions, no Barbie… aaah).