welcome to the “make your job” project

When we decided to homeschool, all five of us had reasons why we believed it would improve the quality of our lives and of the children. Ben, in particular, wanted to prepare the children not for a life where they were “educated” so they could “get a job” — he wanted them to know that they could, literally, invent any job they wanted, and do it, and make a living at it.

He should know, and, at the same time, the kids have no illusions about how much “freedom” owning one’s own business buys you. (At least they shouldn’t.) The way our household income works, it is fairest to say, is that Ben owns and runs a consulting business, and Ben and I own and operate another product-based business which concentrates on hiring people on the autism spectrum.

But there was a time that — and there are still certainly days that seem like — Daddy didn’t run any businesses, he was those businesses. And that means that the work day never really ends. That is the trade-off for having a Dad who can drive you to Target, take you to dance or music classes or a field trip, pretty much any time — it also means that, if he’s in the house, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s “here”. Or in a very good mood. Or not covered in coconut oil. (Really.)

When we started homeschooling, it was really important to me that the kids got experience as soon as possible with media production. I think it is vital for communication and for creativity. I wanted them to be able to use music recording software, and to create and edit video independently as soon as they had the skills to do it, because I knew that they would have plenty to say and do.

As a means to learning video recording and editing skills, one of our big projects this year has been to begin creating a series of short documentaries, interviewing people who either own small businesses, or work independently. This week, we started work on that project: the MAKE YOUR JOB video series.

Of course, you start any good series with a theme song. This is the first writing session of this song, done in the car, on our way to Cradles to Crayons for our volunteer shift.

They will continue to work on it and get a clean recording. In the meantime, they conducted their first video interview and documentary recording today, while getting their hair done at Rebel Rebel Salon in Port Richmond!


(They had been so excited about giving Crissa and Kim those Valentines.)

While we now realize we may want to invest in wireless mikes as we continue this project, as the audio is going to be a little wonky, I think we are going to have an excellent first episode. Béla did some establishing shots…


And then they got down, both of them, to the business of asking about business: How often do you use math? How often do you use science? Who pays you? Who do you pay?

Crissa and Kim both had great answers, all of which it would have been nice to see from the angle taken in the photo below, but which were actually recorded on Béla’s iPad mini from what is universally known as the most unflattering angle of all time (everyone looked great anyway). We’ll save it for the finished video for you to see.


We have all the material we need for the first installment, and just need to edit, work on that theme song, and make some decisions about how titling and credits will be done.

I am really proud of this idea, and think it will teach them both tons. We have quite a list of people we want to interview already (and NONE of them are Ben, yet!) and we cannot wait to share the first episode!



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