ode to DIY.org

A place to make creative goals,to learn new things, to admire what other kids are doing — a carefully moderated, kind, online space for young users making their first internet friendships. That is what DIY.org is and we are so lucky to have found it.


When Claudia groaned about having to do solfege exercises for singing practice, all I did was look on DIY.org, and found other kids doing them. Suddenly, Claudia was not only practicing.. but uploading.


And soon, Claude had earned her first patch — Vocalist.


Shortly after, they both earned their Geologist patches (the kids share an account, but it is possible to order as many patches as you want when they meet a shared goal).

Béla wants to figure out which challenges he has to meet to earn his archery patch, and they are only one challenge away from earning their Dance patch. You can, once you have taken three challenges and earned a patch, continue to take challenges in that discipline — DIY is working on a way for that “leveling up” to be shown in the future.

For those looking for a lower-pressure alternative, it is also possible to just post things you are making and doing without having them be part of a challenge. Feedback is always positive and often inspiring. The kids like to see what other kids are up to and like answering questions and comments. The moderators at DIY.org are accessible, thoughtful, and probably working very late nights to be as responsive as they are.

We love this site! Claude and B. are “hoogahland”, friend us if you join!