an anti-islamophobia workshop

Sometimes I am really awed by the things our city has to offer us. I love to see the events Camp Sojourner has, and am happy that Claudia is gaining some comfort level in going to them (we met one of the people who runs Camp Sojourner at a birthday party last fall, and Claude has a fear that every “Camp Sojourner event” will turn into a trick where we leave her at a lakeside summer sleepaway camp she is in no way ready for. But there is more to Sojourner than just the summer camp.)

This weekend there was an Anti-Islamophobia workshop. We all went up, and I had to leave early because I was not feeling well, but everyone else was very energized and inspired by their time there. It was held at Calvary United Methodist Church in West Philly, which had a beautiful feeling even in the short time I was there… and also, Ben said later, had a Bar Mitzvah happening in the basement. (They gave a tray of dolmas to the Sojourner workshop attendees.)




and Béla:



Grateful for what these kids have available to them, and proud of the people of this city who make sure that every kid has the same opportunies.