welcome… to moss.

We have many plans for moss this year.

While the plans are creative, it also seems beneficial to record our findings as scientifically as possible. It gives us data that can be used at next year’s Homeschool Science Fair, and it also just helps us keep track of what’s working.

OBJECTIVE: we need to be able to grow moss, either on fabrics or burlap, and possibly onto something of an under-structure for a mask. We also need to be able to grow it on a little prop house, and possibly, a larger, walk-in structure.

We are asking a lot of moss this year, and so we need to learn its ways and wiles.


My birthday gift was samples of dormant mosses, which we have been affixing to burlap with Moss-Tac and… well, killing. Hey, it’s just data-gathering at this point, folks.


We also have a fresh specimen that we have “established” this way (you can see how optimistic I am), and since we had enough of it to make four panels, we are making watering frequency the variable on that. Great thanks to Tucker for laying this out so clearly for us, both with the images and with our sheet for recording.

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