more on claude’s “black athena” project

Well, we can OFFICIALLY say she couldn’t have done it without her brother, because every printer needs a “printer’s devil” (assistant) with clean hands. They worked together, and are finished printing (over two very independent sessions). We will be editioning the work this week and sending out the ones that were sold.

How is it all done, you are asking yourself? Yes? Here is what it takes to make ONE PRINT.

When we arrived for our shift at C2C today, we found some of the office staff talking about Claudia’s project. We had an Artist’s Proof all ready to share with them, as a gift. This is one of those photos that just Says It All.


And when we got home from our shift, Claude was surprised to find an Amazon box waiting for her. Turns out that we have some lovely friends who not only bought a “Black Athena” print, but could not resist getting in on the fun of shopping. Claudia hasn’t even hit Target yet, and we already have six beautiful brand-new dolls, with different skin tones, to give to girls.



What great people we know! Claudia is getting her signing and numbering hand ready this week so you call can get your prints. They are not sold out, but now is the time to get on it. I would not wait past this week, at all. 

Hopefully our next post on this subject will be about the fun of choosing — both dolls and pajamas — and I love watching our kids so carefully choose the toy packs and clothing packs that they get ready to send out at C2C. This has been one of the highlights of our homeschooling experience.