so really. that thing about béla not being able to run for president.

We were invited by Kerry and Lana, from the National Constitution Center, to come and talk about what possibilities exist in the future for an amendment to the Constitution that would allow international adoptees like Béla to run for the office of President of the United States.


He came away with many resources to read (or for us to read) about “Natural Born Citizen” Presidency requirements and understanding the origins of the Natural-Born Citizen Clause, and lots of information about times in the past (some very recent) where the amendment has been proposed (but never ratified).


Kerry and Lana also suggested some other recourses for us: the Rendell Center, here in Philadelphia (they have recently gotten in touch), and — Arnold Schwarzenegger! The kids actually didn’t know who Arnold was, so we certainly have some movies to put into the queue. But — yeah! Why not? Meeting Béla tends to brighten anyone’s day. So… we’re messaging him regularly! Sooner or later, we’ll hear back!




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