the eloquent claudia

I asked Claudia to look up a quote in “The Lion In Winter”, and said I would write it out for her in cursive and she could copy it. I feel like she’s ready to start writing in cursive regularly if she wishes to.

I was not terribly surprised by the quote she chose. It’s her favorite.


I had capitalized “God” when I had given her my copy, and when she conspicuously eliminated that capital, I said, “most people do consider “God” to be a name, and therefore they capitalize it….” “Well,” she said, dismissively.

Last weekend she played for hours on the floor in my bedroom, while I was not feeling well, with Bionicles and Tucker. Claudia makes up songs constantly and out popped this:


(We had a haggis for Tucker’s 21st birthday and she’s definitely hoping it doesn’t happen again any time soon.)

The day before, she had choreographed this dance — she had made those flow toys out of parings from her foam sword-carving lessons, had decided that this song (one of the most significant of my life) was the song she needed, and Béla helped her set up framing and lighting on this clip, which she recorded herself (clearly, watching herself).

I am constantly amazed.