jurassic world

Ben went to Chicago for just one night, but the fact that he was going away by plane — when he usually just takes Amtrak to D.C. — had both kids kind of tense and bummed. We got through the first day just fine but by that evening, when I saw the rainy weather forecast for the next day, I knew we had to have something special to get us out the door.

Jurassic World was soon to close, and so, we got ourselves there.


Soooooo, it’s kinda hard to find much to say. It was pretty great, but it speaks for itself in many ways.

We certainly had a sense of wonder, and frenzy. Normally Claudia is very frightened in enclosed exhibit spaces, particularly with tight corners you can’t see around. But she was fine.


Béla LOVES the Franklin.


The dinosaurs were beyond impressive. We took a LOT of videos, and a lot of videos of the “scary” ones (the raptor was of particular interest as it was a puppet with a human in it, which everyone noticed but me). But this is my favorite video — our friend the steggie.

We also spent a good bit of time in the Brain Exhibit.


It, too, was very cool.


And it got them over the hump of missing their Dad. (Although they amped up the nervousness again in the evening when he was actually in the air. These experiences are new to us!)

In one of the permanent exhibits, they both practiced their baseball pitch. (Both Béla’s technique and kilt-flying were particularly impressive to me!)

A brief, restrained, but essentially flawless report of our trip: