first gauge swatches; first sweaters for friends.

Because every stuffed friend needs an acrylic knit muscle shirt for the Philadelphia summer.

While Claudia has completed a small blanket in the past, she’d also spent two years working in the round on something that might have been a “skirt” or might not have been… anyway, we decided it was time to get down with a project that both started AND stopped. Something that was Meant To Be A Thing.

With A Plan.


Pro tip: want your kid to keep knitting? Color-changing yarn. Every stitch will be a cliffhanger.

This is Béla’s first time working in the round and since he only knows the knit stitch, it’s his first time making stockinette. All of his own volition: “Is there a way to get this stuff to not curl up at the ends…?” Wow. A born knitter. (He’s also working on a US 3, down from a 15. Pretty big jump, and very few problems.