when homeschoolers grow up to be rockers



One of my Facebook contacts is a guy named Hobey Ford. Since I’m a puppet person, it’s great to “know” Hobey, as he is a fantastic puppeteer.

When we started homeschooling, he told me he and his wife had homeschooled their daughters as well and that was one more thing that made me feel I was on the right track. Both of Hobey’s daughters, Sallie and Weezy, are singer-songwriters who go out on tour and gig, just like real singer-songwriters will do. Through Hobey’s FB we found out that Sallie was coming to town to play Johnny Brenda’s, and i did “my thing” — and asked if we could come along and watch.


Claude’s sung on the stage at Johnny Brenda’s. I’ve done a speaking gig there. It’s a familiar place. We recognized Sallie the moment we saw her!


She had her bandmate Chris talked to the kids about music, the live shows they’ve seen, and homeschooling. Honestly, I saw a lot of good homeschooling work ethic in Sallie, who had been held up by traffic for hours, unloaded and went to park the van, took about a half hour to find a spot, had a very truncated soundcheck as a result, and was STILL chill and having a fun time, and great with the kids.


This boy. Not only is the muscle definition impressive, but as we sat up in the balcony he watched the drummer put his kit together and said to me, “I think he’s left-handed.” Then, “Nope, I was wrong, he’s setting the kit up for a right-handed drummer.” Béla talked to the drummer later… turns out he DOES drum right-handed, but IS a lefty. How does Béla do it?!


Yeah, we missed jiujitsu two weeks in a row. Had to go to soundcheck.


One more, for Sallie’s dad Hobey. Thank you so much guys! (Now we hope Weezy Ford comes to town so we can check HER out too!)