weapons, to scale


“Longer than that”. She could describe it, but she had run out of room to draw it… and thus a lesson was born.

I read a whole article today about a school that does EVERYTHING through live action role play (LARP). My kids love their larping group, Epic Adventurez, and one of their teachers there, Chris, came up with a three-month curriculum for foam weapon-making as part of the kids’ homeschooling — so that they could get better working with foam not just for weapons, but for costuming… AND so they could help make and do repair work on broken weapons for Epic (because there are weekends where there are just not enough weapons to go around!) I know I’ve posted video of B. and C. sword-fighting recently, and those are swords they worked on here with their teacher Chris.

Chris has been a really impressive teacher — a natural teacher. The kids had been getting ready to design some knives, but, “if you can’t draw it, you can’t cut it.” And while my kids have been drawing “knives”, and attendant embellishments…


(thanks Claude)

they needed some work on SCALE.

Which Chris gave them.




Pretty neat, right?

They each have eight drawings of knives due this week. Béla is finished, Claude still has to do them (but she also did her standardized testing last week.)

This has definitely been one of the best “special new things” — I think along with Cradles to Crayons — that we have made part of our homeschool life. Mostly because of what great people the Epic staff are and, again, what an patient and involved teacher Chris is.


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