claudia’s special week of accomplishments

Last week, Claudia was presented with a Student Service Leadership Award from Cradles to Crayons, for her “Black Athena” project to raise money to purchase dolls of color for C2C. We were very proud of her.



I enjoyed seeing that she was not, primarily, “happy to be getting an award” — she was listening really hard to the stories of the young people around her who were also getting awards, and I think it just excited her to realize, this is what some kids concentrate on — making the world a better place.



That was Wednesday night. On Thursday, she was one of three speaker’s at Indy Hall’s “Show and Tell” lunchtime presentations, showing photos of our February trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. She did a great job. Tuck and I watched at home via Facebook livestream!


She has grown so much this year in so many ways. Homeschooling has made such a difference in her life. I cannot wait to see how things progress.