infinity mirrors


We had tried to get day-of tickets for Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” retrospective when we were in DC in February, to take Claudia to the Museum of African-American History and Culture for her birthday. But they were gone in seconds of the doors opening. Calling and checking in the following months was also fruitless. Ben had business in DC recently, and went to the Hirschhorn, bought a membership (which could only be done in person), and secured passes for us for the last day of the exhibit — which was on Mother’s Day.

It is an exhibit that requires a LOT of standing in lines. There were very few places where all five of us could go into a room together, and viewing times were between twenty and thirty seconds — but it was still something we would never have seen otherwise. We have been to the permanent installations at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, but these were very different.




Later in the week the kids and I watched three short documentaries about Kusama and talked about her mental health issues and how she used art to help ameliorate the affects of them. They enjoyed seeing her both as a beautiful young woman and as the exquisite work of art she is now in her eighties.


Just want to point out there that the obviously plagarized-from-the-postcard sentence is free from error. And look, we are back to Stepford Journaling, where the only purpose of writing is to say IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! … also, activists, please excuse my child’s unusual example of how schizophrenia may manifest.

However, look at the improvement in Béla’s writing! (A pencil grip was a big help, but he’s just gotten better, too.)



You can kinda tell it’s the end of the school year, here. They were fairly dismayed to have to write about this (and yet, I hope they realize they will be writing this summer as well). I think they are ready to get to the End of the Year and it is coming!