as we near the end of this “school year”

So far, a week full of activity; a kid-led workshop in origami fingerpuppets at a very friendly homeschool home; Claudia FINALLY got her cheerleading uniform; Béla crashed girl scouts dressed as a bee, and the kids went to get a glimpse of the Rick and Morty… vehicle. (I have very lax standards for “appropriateness” and I kinda cringe when they graviate into a room when Ben has “Rick and Morty” on, but whatever.)

We are trying to finish up our “capstone projects” (‘zines), and get ready for Tucker’s commencement. In the midst of all this I read an article last night about how three Philadelphia School District attendees have committed suicide in the last three weeks; a fourth was attempted. (One of the children who succeeded in hanging themselves was an elementary school student.)

I’m so happy we’ve made the choice we made and think it’s only going to get better and better.