at pleasant playground with eclectic learning network

It can take you a little while to find your footing with who your people are on Planet Homeschool. I was “set up” with a very wonderful homeschooling mom to lean on via Facebook before we even had our affadavit done, and she helped me a ton — even though my one and only (so far) middle-of-the-night “there’s no way I can do this” moment.

At our first real-life homeschool social event, I met two mamas that I feel close to, and knew it the second they both walked in the door. (Which was good, because pretty much every minute before that had been disastrous, and the kids and I were literally huddled on a couch as far away from the din as we could get.)

And we are so glad to have found Eclectic Learning Network. It was clear to me — and if it hadn’t been, Claudia would have clarified it — that Planet Homeschool, Philadelphia Branch can seem pretty white, and this was NOT comfortable for Claudia. Our first contact at an ELN event was so emotional for me that I just cried and shrugged through my introduction. Which seemed to surprise no one. They got it. And I felt welcomed, and so did my family. We had really looked forward to yesterday’s gathering and are so happy we went.


Claudia brought her spinning plate and Béla brought his bow and (puffball-tipped) arrows, which were used to try to shoot balloons out of each other’s teeth.


A near miss, but a good time. We hope to see more of these friends in the coming year. (ELN has arranged the museum sleepover in October at the Academy of Natural Sciences, and I know the kids are excited about that!)