STEM fun

Okay. In two days, it’s June. I’m like a dead worm now. I still have a short list of things I’d like them to finish before the end of the school year and it looks so… obtainable… and yet…

They are enjoying their once-a-week Snapology class. Only two sessions left!

And, because Claudia had gotten a small set of Roominate a few years ago for Christmas — which she LOVED (although she didn’t take very good care of it), I have invested in some more, which is probably the only thing that got me through today. They played with Roominate for Seven. Straight. Hours.

Béla was a little less economical with his video. But I was glad to see I got a treadmill desk in his house. (Roominate shows you how to build one — very forward thinking.)

Thanks dude.

(Ten days until meeting with our evaluator and “finishing” this year.)