synthesizer boy

A few weeks ago I got the kids the Little Bits/KORG twelve-piece magnetic synthesizer kit. Tuck and Béla went at it, trying it out, and then it got put away for a week or so. But today it came out again. Claudia played with it for a little while. Then Béla went back to it, and things got interesting.

Then he asked for his iPad, and opened up Garage Band.

And then we had this. His first original synth recording, with a lot of unexpected vocals. I love nothing more than when my kids are completely in flow, and believe me, we were having a Moment. Béla was inside this process. I always knew that he had more of an appreciation for electronic music and how it was made than say, Claudia or I do, but watching him do this was wonderful.

And an odd coincidence — as I was uploading Béla’s track to Facebook, in my feed was an animated short film about Giorgio Moroder — whom I had never heard of — but which the kids and I watched right away.

The kit packs up very easily and snugly, so it’s in the bag for use in the hotel this weekend. We are off to a chemistry conference where Tuck is presenting, and it is in Hershey, so we are amusement-park-bound.