monsters, myths, and heroes of japan — a week at shofusu japanese house


Last week, Claudia and Béla spent their days cleaning the traditional Japanese house in Fairmount Park, feeding koi and turtles, and learning about (and obsessing about) yokai. We are sure they did other things too but this was the general takeaway.


Tucker and I made an attempt to terrify the children by creating yokai throughout the house. Initially met with some suspicion, they were soon desensitized.


Margaret the turtle was a high point of the camp experience.


For the last day of camp, Tuck made Claudia a Sandwich Yokai for her lunchbag, and a “Béloni”.



We were treated to a tour of the house, each room hosted by a different camper. Then Claudia and Béla and one other camper told us the stories that went with their scrolling theaters (I did not get the name of these things in Japanese, and neither did the kids, apparently.)

(WordPress has decided to permanently turn all my videos sideways so we are from now on using YouTube embedding for videos on this blog.)

Claudia’s part of the tour:


and Béla’s:


and Béla’s theater:


and Claudia’s.


They were sad to say goodbye, but I think we will try this next year. Claudia is not that far off from being of age to be a Counselor-In-Training…




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