sewing camp at butcher’s sew shop!

For their last week of summer day camps, the kids went to sewing camp at Butcher’s Sew Shop. They had gone for a week last year and loved it, and really showed even more skill building this year!

They were happy to see the VERY talented Olan (last year they thought his name was “Owling”, so in my head he is still Owling) as one of their teachers… and here I was making a plan to have them learning embroidery in this upcoming educational year, so they could make a 2017-18 sampler… well, Butcher’s got them started on learning the stitches!

Béla’s vest, made during what I think is called “Scrappy Hour”, is particularly great.

I liked Claudia’s Scrappy Hour skirt, too. Frankly, they are getting better sewing instruction at Butcher’s than I can give them, so I’m looking to see that they get more. After all, they are both taking more and more responsibility for their Parade of Spirits costumes every year.

It was the last week of “stuff” to do this summer, and they were excited to get back to just being “neighborhood kids”. From Béla’s concussion, to Woodstock, to Shofuso, and then to Butcher’s, they had missed out on just the regular comings and goings of our block. It’s a Seventies summer from now until… well, I guess September 5 is the Tuesday after Labor Day, so there we have it!