mighty writers

I hope we get more opportunities to do Mighty Writers. The South Philly space is beautiful and Claudia, who took a workshop called “Picture This Girl”, writing about photos from the National Archives, really enjoyed it. She and Béla had also signed up for another session that was smooshed into a very busy week and did not grab either of them very hard on the first go, so it went by the wayside. But I really do want to try again and I know they are interested as well.

I did not get to see any but one of the photos used in the workshop as writing prompts. Here you see a bit of Claude’s “summer” spelling, penmanship and grammar. I don’t care much about “summer slide” (and frankly, I don’t teach much grammar OR spelling; read enough and write enough and eventually you’ll get it) but I can Picture This Girl from what Claudia has written:


Dear girl from the past, I see sadness in your face and loneliness too, like you are alone and have nowhere to go or move, and I see madness too. I have no idea if you have a parent with you.


This one does not seem to be about a photo, but about the one item Claudia would bring with her if she had to go away/leave (and I think I can see how that relates to this workshop). Claudia’s answer is not surprising.


I would bring Hoogah, my stuffed animal friend. He is the best stuffy I have, except Scraps (the Patchwork Girl of Oz). My mom made her and she also makes me happy but I have lived with Hoogah longer.

(In fact, Hoogah has lived here longer than Claudia has…)

This is a paragraph written, with the photo enclosed — I had missed finding this after her last session but was glad to discover it today.