building baba yaga’s hut

Our homeschool “unit” on architecture was a little different than we thought it would be (at least for last year it was.) We had planned some construction on the house, and then unplanned it. Even this late in the summer, the “easier” job of playing musical chairs with the use of certain rooms (Béla and Tucker switching bedrooms, turning our front room into a maker space and our back room back into a living room) has proven to be difficult. When you play musical rooms in your house, you never get an empty one.

But. Claudia was still charged with (and interested in) helping to construct a Baba Yaga hut for Parade of Spirits, Liberty Lands!

We have a really handy and sweet new friend, Jen — she is a puppet and parade person who had come from Seattle to Philly, and she has been helpful and fun to have around.

As you see, Claudia has found an illustration of Baba Yaga’s hut sitting down — which is what we need to have our hut do. We measured the “skeleton” of our hut (a dog pen) against the drawing of the hut and came up with a ratio we can hopefully use to make those big chicken legs!

And what will make our hut look like… not just a dog pen? Stay tuned to find out!


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