indoor skydiving

To celebrate the eighth anniversary of the night we picked Béla up at the airport after his very long flight from Korea… he and some of his fave people went Indoor Skydiving.


Béla’s close friend (from his former school days), Max, and his family, came along. Max demurred, but Max’s dad ended up getting to fly, which was pretty exciting.

As for Béla and Claudia (and Ben and Tucker), you could see some concentration in their faces, but other than that, they just rode the wind.


Photo Aug 06, 11 51 39 AM (1)

iFLY gives you photos and a video at the end of your visit. This is Claudia’s video:


But I liked my own personal video of Béla better than the iFLY one.

After flying, we headed over to Shake Shack.


When we got home, everyone INSISTED that they needed naps (the adults certainly did), but nooooooo… we eventually found that the kids had snuck next door and were pollinating tomato plants with a toothbrush!

Oy, nothing is ever QUITE enough adventure for these two.