2016-17 educational year capstone ‘zines: FINISHED AND AVAILABLE!

Uh, FINALLY. These were supposed to be LAST year’s end-of-year project guys!!!

Never mind that. Two VERY interesting, VERY well-done zines — very independently made — and EACH with a QR code on the back that takes you to a SONG each of them wrote about their ‘zine topic!!

AND — each ‘zine opens up into (if you unfold it entirely and tape the center cut) A POSTER! Béla’s is a drawing of the schematics of the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, and Claudia’s is a thoughtfully illustrated quote by Nikola Tesla.

Note: Claudia’s ‘zine covers are also decorated with Stuart Semple’s “Diamond Dust”, made in response to Anish Kapoor’s refusal to share his “blackest black” pigment. For those of you who do not know about this tantrum of the art world, my kids have loved following it, you should look it up.

Also, please do not give the ‘zine to Anish Kapoor. It will throw the whole art world into chaos. And use some care, because it seems that “Diamond Dust” may simply be very very very thin and fine shards of glass. (It has posed no personal danger at home, but do not use this ‘zine as an eyewash station.)

Do YOU want a copy of Béla’s “Six Simple Machines of Physics” or Claudia’s “Do Crystals Have Minds?” You KNOW you do. They have plenty of copies and can make more at any time! While they are excited to be giving copies to The Soapbox Community Print Shop & Zine Library, and are hoping to take some to put on consignment at Fantom Comics in D.C. this weekend, they are also happy to be sharing them with folks they know. The cost: getting your ‘zine in person and having a little talk with the author!




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