CLASS DISMISSED! “Rock Band By Day”, the homeschool program at School of Rock Philadelphia

Claudia and Béla have taken lessons and been part of the regular performance seasons at School of Rock Philadelphia for a little more than two years now. SoR is our happy place, and particularly, when the kids decided to homeschool — and were still sort of in free-fall, adjusting to the culture shock of it — School of Rock was “school”; it was their Place. It’s where they have been admired, encouraged, called out for being lazy little punks, where they have laughed, where they have stomped out of rehearsal rooms in anger (that was today actually), where they have seen their own teachers perform with their own bands, and where they have been given an opportunity to play on stages throughout Philadelphia (and even under the big wooden roller coaster in Wildwood).

Like so many programs that are meant to cater to kids “after-school” extracurricular needs, School of Rock opens its doors in the late afternoon through the evening. Even for homeschoolers, the afternoon and evening running around can get crazy — and seem particularly frustrating when hey, we’ve just been waiting for all these activities to start all day!

SoR is always open to new ideas. When I asked if there was a possibility of trying a homeschooler program — earlier in the day than the School was generally open — they were into it. When I found out that Yanni would teach, I knew it was going to be great.


We’ve been going for a little more than a month now, with a steady four musicians attending each week, and three more joining mid-October. The band’s name? Class Dismissed!

So far these kids have written five original songs. This one, “Fireflies”, is Claudia’s favorite.


This one had great old school vibe. “Blindfolded”. Notice on this day, there were five in the band! (It’s always okay to come check the program out one day for free.)


Now this song was a BIG hit on Facebook and got Class Dismissed an offer of a VIDEO! This is “The Flying Kittens”.


The kids have great chemistry. And oh, there was the special day when the group’s current oldest member brought some of her very fashionable outgrown clothes for the younger kids to split up and share. Jewelry, too. They were in heaven.

Gigs, recording, videos… Class Dismissed may achieve it all.

All of our experiences at School of Rock are great, but this one is something special. Being able to hang out with these moms and SoR staff is something I look forward to every week.