halloween season begins (and it’s hot and muggy, thanks global warming).

Crank that AC and burn that pumpkin spice candle.

Check out the Halloween displays before it’s even October. Order decorations online (like a “Village of the Damned” bunting.) Get a David-Bowie’s-Stages-of-Life-While-Trick-or-Treating pennant.


Beg for foods you would otherwise have no chance of getting. (Béla really impressed me by exclaiming over those “Frahnkensteen Papes”. He is clever.)


Volunteer to put Halloween discussions together for other kids.


Write a letter to your pen-pal that contains a strangely existential message of dread.



AND, watch “Jaws” for the first time — and get so seasick that you actually throw up.


We enjoy the Halloween season! We have a lot of new decorations up but Tuck has also pulled our traditional ones out of the basement. Must get to those. We also watched all ten episodes of Over the Garden Wall today and that was very atmospheric… just lovely. it’s still about eighty degrees and terribly humid here. We refuse to give in.