thank you for sending me an angel

So the kids got their first ‘zines, which were supposed to be their end-of-year project in June, finished in… August? But that’s fine.

I had given them two summer Final Exams. One, they actually got done in the summer — it was walking to Acme with their friends, without adults. That was an adventure and it went very well.

The other Final Exam of the “summer” was for me to get a decent video recording of them playing ONE song that they had not had to learn for a specific performance at School of Rock. I had suggested that I wanted them to go outside and play like buskers, the one song they had been practicing together, which they had chosen on their own — “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel” by the Talking Heads.

When playing together acoustically, Claudia plays ukulele and Béla plays a cajon. I had sent them outside to try it out, and said they needed to get used to playing regardless of who was walking by, and not get distracted. I was ready to take it back when they sat down on the park bench next to the field where a local school was having P.E., but they didn’t seem to mind. We didn’t get quite the “right” video though, and kept thinking that we would try again — once more with feeling! Or maybe once it’s not so hot. Or maybe in a pumpkin patch…

During a music-video-making project with Rock Band By Day, the kids went to our videographer friend Rich’s house to practice editing, and it was there — with Faith on the bass, and Rich as guitar as well — they got their take.

Although the kids will be working on one of their original CLASS DISMISSED songs to make a video in the long run, they practiced using effects with their jam session. Béla is responsible for much of this effect-play, and for the fact that it looks like they are all being hunted by Buffalo Bill in the basement (or about to be rescued by Agent Starling).


I’ve got to give Rich a lot of credit for all that he does. He loves video and film, and kids and music. I really look forward to showing the work he is doing for the Rock Band By Day program’s original video soon. It’s gonna be… lit.