treasure island

When my dad died we inherited a large collection of classic children’s literature illustrated by N.C. Wyeth, and planned to use much of it for out-loud reading — taking turns within a book. The first book chosen by the kids was Treasure Island and Tucker read the first installment — and every installment after. I can’t do pirate voices. And the language is so stylized I am surprised they understand anything at all. Then again, it is Tucker reading it to them — and Tuck is happy to stop every few sentences and explain anything they do not understand, in detail.

Online he found some leatherbound notebooks, with nautical-themed charms. In the book such journals for maps and such are referred to as “fists”. He got them for the kids, and it is the most excited I have seen them over gifts in a long time. They were truly delighted, and ran off right away to use them.


It was abundantly clear right away that they have been paying a lot of attention to the book.



They were excited about the “fists”, but then Tucker also made oilcloths with them — to wrap their fists and maps in, to keep them safe from the wet. Muslin and beeswax pellets.

They are definitely having one of those “forever memory” experiences with this book and all the fun they have had with it. I don’t even mind that Béla lost his leg.