Months and months ago, we saw this call for single-sheet zines on the topic of “ritual”. The solicitation included a pattern for folding a single-sheet zine and this is, actually, what we used for the kids first zines — the “Six Simple Machines of Physics” and “Do Crystals Have Minds?” zines.

But I really wanted them to participate in the RITUAL show as well, as Parade of Spirits is our secular, community ritual, and this is — my gosh — the seventh time we are doing it! (In five days. Yikes!) It’s the most significant ritual in the kids’ lives. These were one-off zines, not easily reprintable because they have transparent tip-ins — but they made them, and got them in the show!

Dropping them off at the Carpenter St. artists’ space near our house was a fun adventure. It’s really nice in there.

And going to an art opening in which they had art was rather glamorous. They were busy talking to strangers about their work and of course we got some people interested in Parade!

Zines have become a big part of how we homeschool and I’m pretty sure Heavy Bubble’s “Ritual” call for books was a big part of what put me in that mode of thinking, so I am super grateful to them for that!