latin? check. fire safety? check .

Most people know we are the “Parade of Spirits” family (or, going back far enough, the “Krampuslauf Family”). Costuming, folklore, festal culture… soldering battery packs for LED lanterns… using big X-acto blades for cutting foam props… all part of our homeschooling experience.

Claudia appeared this year as an amethyst geode — a costuming departure, to be sure — and she and Béla were vital in the concept and design of the (seated) Baba Yaga hut.

This year’s Parade was on December 9th. It is certainly the most magical thing in our lives and I could go on and on about it, but for the sake of this blog, I will not. I was very excited that this year, our Es Meedli — a very important role in the Parade — was played by a young homeschooler:

and she did indeed receive a medal, as she had been promised.

I was touched by the number of people in the homeschool community who came out. Hopefully it encourages people to join us this year when we plan workshops for mask-making, shadow-puppets, and other things on our 2018 wish list.

While a thousand beautiful things happened, I am particularly proud of Claudia’s invocation at the beginning of Lux Arati’s fire performance — which she wrote in English, had Tucker’s help translating into Latin, and seemed to have an easier time remembering in the latter than the former!

This was Béla’s second year working with fire with Lux Arati. This about maxed us out in what we could be comfortable watching our child do. (Particularly at rehearsal, we were freaked out. But by the show itself, we felt more confident. Maybe it was the snow… or maybe it was just the magic of the situation itself.)

We are still cleaning up, and will be for weeks to come, I am sure. The “Hellmouth” prop that Lux Arati used in their performance is in our house and will be staying here (when it’s not being used at School of Rock performances).

Parade provides endless opportunities to us where homeschooling is concerned. We are delighted that other families experienced this as well and love the idea of expanding our Parade family even more!