twelve points

Last Christmas, we did a lot of geometry-related crafts. This year, we are just kinda late with our crafting and not as much of is is geometric. But I did love this one — with a template showing the kids where to evenly place each of the twelve points (they could have used two points, five points, six points… any number of points, but we stayed with twelve, just to show them how much variation they could get from ONE array), they cut slits in cardboard circles and used yarn to make as many types of “stars” as they could.


I WISH we’d had the time to do at least ONE more set with a different number of points — but we are really behind on the homemade Christmas gifts this year. Still, we saved some of these for our own tree, and maybe that will be enough of a memory trigger to try some other configurations next year. (Or maybe they are going to run through activities this week faster than I realize — but I sincerely doubt it. I’ve seen our “to do” pile.)

With a few for our own tree, the kids chose some for friends and neighbors today and delivered them to their houses. It’s easy to get in a little “sneaky” math with holiday crafts, because geometry makes for great holiday decor — it’s just a fact!