Claudia read “The Dark is Rising” sequence earlier this year — sometime since the Summer — and loved it. I had not realized the second book, The Dark Is Rising, takes place at Christmastime (starting on December 20th). Twitter took a hold of it, and a worldwide readalong was planned. It’s a much-loved book.

One of Claude’s Hanukkah gifts was a necklace emblematic of a talisman in the book. She loves it a lot. And on the day the readalong started, both Béla and Claude read some of the book aloud, with our friend Addie, who also read some.

Rather than read a chapter a day like everyone on Twitter (since she’s not even seeing Twitter), She just re-read the book all in one night. Then, we found a BBC abridged audio version of it, and have been listening to that, while the kids drew images from the book (#TheArtIsRising).




It’s rarely an effort to get Claudia to read! And she loves re-reading, like I do.