day of the davids

We would have thought it was a bit less than a week ago that we got “back” to homeschooling (although the fact is, we did a LOT of learning over the holidays), but we didn’t get back to any sort of “routine” last week, due to extremes of weather — massive snow storms, ice, lots of time trapped inside with all five of us, and that does not make for conducive learning. A few hours here and there, but not so much a “homeschool day”.

Today was the day we got back to it. Not that we got up “early” (nine would be early here), but I did get them up FAST — they’re probably sorry they’ve demonstrated they could get up and ready quite that quickly — to make sure we got to Federal Donuts in time for the limited edition Stardust donuts for David Bowie’s birthday.


We came home and the kids did a little journal writing about Bowie, but just in time we remembered the live stream we had been waiting for — David Byrne’s talk at the New School on “Reasons to be Cheerful”.



I’ve updated this post to include Béla’s definition of “citizen artist”, a term David used in his talk. (He’s just David to us, you know.)


Then, knowing we were about to be iced in for possibly another whole day, we went out to Acme to food shop and we came home and cooked FOUR dinners simultaneously. The kids are great onion-choppers, especially with the new knives we got Ben for Christmas. But with four dinners going, it was a lot of onions.


Happy birthday, David Bowie.