a rainy friday of snakes

Thanks to this inspiring and energizing video by Vi Hart, I spent — eh — a little under thirty dollars? — and bought four dozen plastic articulated snakes. Oh, these will get use more than once — with a number of friends, I have no doubt. But our particularly weather-intrepid friends A and Z came over today (after a drenching, boring at the doctor’s office for my kids) and…



Béla wanted to try the space-filling fractal approach seen in the video. Claudia made curled-up sleeping baby snakes who were surrounded by protective parents, but who were also in feuds with other similar snake families, for having eaten their “ancestor tails.” Z created a narrative in which a baby snake repeatedly went to an adult snake asking for employment, and was told again and again that his body did not have enough segments, which would make him fly into a helpless rage, but then he would go eat a “nut” (a snake tail) and grow one more segment in length. Soon he was gainfully employed and the longest snake around.

They went at this for four hours. Us moms doodled and dawdled. Tucker went to eleven billion pharmacies and beauty stores on a quest for styrofoam heads (it’ll be relevant soon enough).

Not surprisingly, things soon took a battle-oriented, and then performance-based, turn. That is how my kids do.

There is nothing more fun that watching kids be kids, and seeing how inventive they can be, and this was just four straight hours of them wanting nothing but this! How they managed to bicker and scrimp over the number of tails available to each of them! How families were made! How the snakes went from anthropomorphized beings, into props, and back again.

And now, believe me, we will be watching more Vi Hart videos. And we also want other friends to come over and snake with us!