art that can’t be ignored

I don’t have much to say about these pieces except that I’m so proud of them. Claudia had been working with a gift Ben had gotten her for Christmas — a notebook with templates in it for “How To Draw Superheroes” — and while they had some stencils in them, when we looked harder at what Claude was doing, it became clear she was NOT using the stencils — she was working at a different size entirely. But, taking proportions into account had taught her to do much better figure drawing than she had ever done in the past.

She was on a VERY big Ancient Egypt kick that day (one I hope lasts at least on the back burner until her birthday, as I got her some books about it) and had created a character who had many outfits and accessories — for battle, for everyday, etc. — and she had catalogued them all.

She and Béla also used some air-dry clay to make sculptures as birthday gifts for their friend Calliope. We had a lot of air-dry clay because we are going to be making Tokusatsu helmets for Tucker’s birthday activity. We’ve already learned we have to go back to the drawing board a bit on those helmet sculpts, and that’s fine, but their small sculptures for Calliope turned out very well. (I coated them with matte Mod Podge upon finishing.) Claudia’s is of the goddess Aphrodite, whom Calliope likes, and Béla’s is a dove (a symbol of Aprhodite.) I think they did a great job — a blogworthy job.

More about the Toku helmets soon, because whew! It’s gonna be quite a time.