the terra cotta warriors and the sky-bike

Today we went to see the Terra Cotta Warriors at the Franklin Institute with our friend Deanna. But you know how it is with terra cotta warriors (and augmented reality)… one of them got into the house before we’d even called an Uber. Ugh.


Once at the exhibit, we were able to take them in more at our own pace. Deanna likes sculptures of animals more than anything.

A projected image on a replica of one of the warriors showed how it had changed throughout time.

The Warriors were definitely cool…

… but Claudia and Béla also went off on a joyride through the human heart.

And then, Claudia was able to do something she’s never been able to do before (she’s finally tall enough!) She was able to ride the SkyBike! Deanna did it too… overcoming her phobia to do so. Wow, what warriors!


It was a great way to start the week!