fashion machine

Thanks to a friend, the kids got to participate in a two-week rush of preparation and performance in this year’s Philadelphia Fringe Festival! FASHION MACHINE was a production created by Canada’s Theatre SKAM and in it, audience members could volunteer to be undressed, and lounge about in robes while kids in teams of two and three, with a 50 minute timer set on them, cut up and re-sewed their outfits (after an interview session, so that the teams could get a better sense of their models.)

The kids got four training sessions before the show opened. Even then, Claudia was coming in with ideas for outfits, having drawn them out at home. Both kids already have some machine sewing experience, so I think that was a help too.

And then, opening night! They were IN the Fringe Festival! How cool is THAT? Five shows, five nights/days in a row sounded like a bit of a gauntlet… but they never hit an ebb.




The kids (and audience) got to watch video montages of the designers introducing themselves, and a “blooper reel” that contained a LOT of claudia and pals having dance-offs.

A photo of Claudia at work with her team’s model made it into a.d. amorosi’s review of the show,

And then, what do you know, there was a show on the night of Tucker’s birthday. EVEN though he had an exam the next morning… and EVEN though he spent the day not studying for it and making clay sculptures and plaster molds for tokusatsu masks (well it WAS his birthday), he came for a second viewing… and ended up right IN the Fashion Machine.


… and on the catwalk.

Claudia was with a high-chemistry, high-energy team that night too.

Utterly enjoyable.


I guess I’m jinxing myself by making this post when they still have one performance left to do but… I’ll edit and add what I have to if there’s anything worth adding.

They have had a great time with this and I am grateful to my pal Keren for sending me a message about it — we never would have known!

UPDATED to add this great video, which includes an interview with Claudia!