first (and second) online class!

In the span of eight days we did two, one-off, one-hour classes using Outschool, and we are signed up for a three-session class on the Periodic Table. So far, I can’t recommend the experience highly enough.

The first class was a math/art class in creating “impossible shapes”, such as Penrose triangles, and tesselations. Declan had signed up too and came over so everyone could participate together.


(Two pretty good Penrose triangles, although without question it is Declan who is the artist among them.)


Then, Claude and Béla took a morning class in using iMovie, for iPad and iPhone — a step they REALLY needed to take to get SO many of their intended projects moving! And, once again, it was great. As soon as the class ended they each spent time making a “trailer” for a movie, using iMovie’s templates.

From Béla:


And from Claudia:


Outschool is literally cheaper per hour than a sitter (not that we left the house when they were taking the classes, but they are very reasonable!) I’m looking forward to more mathy-drawing, more FILMS, and the Periodic Table class!